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How to Use It Short Course in Logic Chips. Component Explainations and How to Test Components using DMM testing voltage continuity resistors capacitors diodes transistors chips Use Logic Probe Solder Circuit Board DeSolder Sockets there no way control actual temperature of iron That why good soldering station really must. Some DMM have separate transistor tester [...] 1312

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A Short Course In Logic Chips. Again the reason machine pin sockets are desirable is their ability to be soldered both sides of circuit board. Right the Radio Shack desoldering iron and extra clad tip [...] 1306

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Well worth the . Though a good set of hand crimpers is not electronic evaluation or measuring tool it needed for nearly all pinball repair. Desoldering Tools Mini Soldapullt part number [...] 1320

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Again touch the alligator jumper wire from pin connector should now have high pulse. Cut them at about point where solder has risen up component lead. Connect one end of the alligator clip jumper wire pin connector [...] 711

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The absolute best technique for removing IC is to heat against leg on TOP of board while holding Soldapullt that lead BOTTOM . To block this back flow of power snubbing diodes are used [...] 880

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E. CMOS is useful for handling audio video outputs any situation where the input voltage not just black white zero one. It s a large syringe type desoldering device with Teflon tip get replacement when buying this tool [...] 920

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ABI in the United Kingdom makes more advanced and expensive version of LBT called ChipMaster Compact. And TTL chips Transistor Logic which are used extensively in pinball circuit boards basically group of transistors packaged into . Pockets A and B have smooth circular shape can be used to crimp the terminal pin insulationgrips into bear hug around wire but Molex suggests using for too. Information from the ECG Master Replacement guide. This works fine too but requires the transistor be unsoldered from board use it extremely inconvenient [...]